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Sometimes the best stories have the most humble beginnings.
What Alfredo Gonzales lacked in height he made up for in determination, and facial hair. Tequila, BBQ's, and home made cigars - His father gave Alfredo everything he had, which wasn’t much.

He won a hundred pesos and a donkey in a drinking contest
which was enough to get him out of Zacatecas. He didn’t know where he was going, but when he plodded into New York he knew he was there. He swapped his sombrero for a baseball cap and his donkey for a skateboard and landed himself a job in a sock factory.

He had no money for new socks so he customized socks from the factory with buttons he found on the busy New York streets. Alfredo’s socks got a lot more attention than his skating. He skated his socks through New York and then Malibu, the hairy little Mexican who smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish.

In search of new adventures he got on his skateboard and headed for Europe.
Alfredo Gonzales, coming soon to a city near you.

Good life, Gonzales life.


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